8 Things I never thought i would Love about Motherhood – Before I became a mum, I didn’t have a single maternal bone in my body. The thought of a little sh*tting, screaming, vomiting monster taking over my life scared the sh*t out of me and up to the age of 25, I wanted no part in it. I just didn’t feel like I had the nurturing nature or patience to mother a child. Not to mention that ear piercing scream they all seemed to emit far too often, felt like a lightning strike to my brain.

So, when I finally became a mum, I found myself being quite surprised on many occasions by the things that I actually found strangely enjoyable. Things that now I’ve experienced, I would hate to be without.

1. The sound of heavy breathing over a baby monitor.

I swear for my ovaries (if nothing else) this compares to listening to meditation music or Whale noise’s or the sound of gentle rain against a window. I love the sound of my child breathing. With some quiet murmuring in their sleep thrown in is just blissful.

2.The smell of your child after a bath.

I mean, the smell of my youngest child in general is pretty awesome, I don’t know what it is but even after running around in the sun sweating all day, I could just bury my nose in her neck and take a big old sniff. Except for when she has a sh*tty nappy of course.
This used to be the case of the big monster too but being a teenager now, there are other smells (of what, I’m not sure) mixed in that just don’t have the same effect.
When their fresh out of a bath and in a clean pair of pyjamas – there is no better smell in the world.


3. Being a security blanket.

Most of the time the kids are pushing me away. But when they’ve taken a bit of tumble or don’t like the look of a stranger or just feeling under the weather, there is no better feeling when all they want is their mummy in those moments.
I can’t even bare to think about something happening to me which meant leaving them with no mummy to run to in moments of being scared or unsure. Honestly, the thought makes me feel sick.


4. Watching them figure things out on their own.

My little monster is nearly two and she’s been doing this for a while. She will sit on her own for 15 minutes (ish) at a time playing with a jig saw or a shape sorter or even an empty tub she can put things in and put the lid back on (it really is the simple things). All the while I can see the cogs turning in her brain and it’s fascinating to watch. Knowing that everything she is doing is creating more of those synaps-thingy’s (she doesn’t get her brains from me) in her brain is amazing. The same goes for the big monster, when she’s doing homework and figures something out on her own that I genuinely thought she would need help with fills me with so much pride.
Grow brains, Grow! (They will become brain surgeons)

6. Watching them read.

I love books. I’ve always been a reader so the fact that my kids read is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, the big monster only reads when I not so subtly remind her that it’s been a while since I saw her with a book in hand.
But I’m ahead of the game with the little monster. I’ve crammed books down her throat since birth and I’m determined she will love books as much as I do. And, I don’t mean a Kindle, I mean the smell, sound and feel of a physical book.


7. Naked baby.

The best part of bath time for me, is stripping my little monster naked and letting her run wild around the house while I shout, “naked baby!” repeatedly. She finds it hilarious as she’s screaming and running around patting her naked belly in excitement. And there’s nothing better than hearing your child’s excited giggles.
If only we could all get away with running around naked.

8. Knowing they missed you.

When I started my toddler in nursery one day a week, it took me a while to get used to the ‘drop off’. She cried when dropping her off for a good few weeks. But as she started to get used to it and seemed to enjoy going in, I found I was still struggling and hated handing her over.
But the look on her face when she looks up and sees me standing there ready to take her home at the end of the day is worth it all; the tears and tantrums, the gut wrenching guilt you get on their first day, your own tears of not wanting to walk away but knowing you have to. There’s no other way to describe that look then just pure unconditional love. 

And it fills my heart to bursting.


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