Lovely bee we met in the garden.

I’m conscious the momentum to blog on a regular basis may wain. Especially now the summer holidays have arrived. So I’m thinking of doing a regular catch up post to keep this blog up to date on any shenanigans that may have occurred. I’m thinking weekly may be a tad optimistic so I’ll say fortnightly for now and see how it goes.


So, here is the first Catch Up of many (hopefully)… 


Last week started with the usual swimming lesson on Monday. My little Monster and me have been attending a swimming class in our local area since she was around 3 months old. We absolutely love it. It’s been amazing to see her confidence in the water grow massively over the last year.
As my skills in the water are ok & Mr O being rubbish, it was really important for us to get her swimming as early as possible. I’ll be gutted when the lessons come to an end after the next term. But we’ll keep it up in our local gym pool instead.


Quiet week except…


The week in general was pretty quiet. Except for Mr O coming down with some hideous throat infection. And when I say hideous, it really was. With one side of his neck being so swollen and sore he did look a bit like Peter Griffin from Family Guy at one point. 


Oh and the dog lost his dew claw. It was slightly my fault as I was walking him in the forest at the time. The whole nail kind of came away and was hanging on by a thread, to the point where you can see his bare toe! I never thought I would ever see a dogs actual toe without the nail/claw. Gross and not what I imagined. It’s pretty weird looking. 


So wondering how I would like it if my nail was ripped off, I phoned the vet who suggested we take him in to get the slightly attached nail removed so he didn’t snag it. 


It turned out we didn’t have to take him in the end as his relentless licking of said toe/nail/claw (I’m so confused) took the nail off anyway. So after cancelling the appointment and washing the injured paw, our weird dog was showered with lots of love & attention. 


And so we end the week with sleepless nights & a very poorly toddler who seems to have caught the same affliction as her father and now has a Peter Griffin neck, with the addition of swollen sinuses and a rash. Great!


Let’s hope this week it’s not me with the Peter Griffin neck!