Welcome to my new and improved blog. 

I decided to change to a different blogging platform and bloody hell i’m glad i did. WordPress is now home to my blog and i must say, now i (think) i finally have my head around it, its is sooooo much better. I didn’t realise just how restricted i was before. 

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to blogging and initially thought i’d better start off with a basic easy to use platform but now i wish i had started with WordPress from the beginning… Never mind, I’ve got it up and running now.

So there is new stuff to check out now… YAY! Not only does it have a whole new look, we have a new Logo – created by ME! (i’m so impressed with myself). It also has a new ‘Product & Reviews‘ section. It’s small at the moment but I will be adding new products to it very soon. 

I will be adding bits and pieces and tweaking here and there over the next few days. Oh, and adding a bit of Colour. 

I hope you enjoy checking it out. Feel free to let me know your thoughts or tips. Like i said, i’m a novice blogger and website maker (?) so need all the help i can get.