Walkright Girls Butterfly Sandals

My review of the Walkright Girls Butterfly Sandal…

Walkright Girls Butterfly Sandal

Walkright Girls Butterfly Sandal

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I bought these shoes from Amazon which were delivered on the 13th July. My child has literally worn them nearly every day since. These sandals have been run around our garden many times, kicking varies items – balls, leaves, the cat. They have joined us on our outings to shops, forest walks and were even walked around in the sea and buried in wet sand at one point at the beech. Throughout they have been great.


To clean, i popped them on a Wool wash in the washing machine and they came out good as new and completely in tacked. 

My little Monster loves wearing them, they seem to be her new go pair when i tell her to get her shoes on. 

They’d be fab used no-slip footwear around the pool on holiday and sea shoes at the beach. Hugely recommend these little beauties for the Summer. 

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