A Little Catch Up


Mummy and Little Monster walking back from the sea.

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This week’s Little Catch Up includes – Baking, Swimming, Pirate Ship and a tree swing. Oh and a crab or two. (Can you spot the crab?)

This week has been a little busier than the last – considering we had a lot of sicknesses then. Thankfully, we’re all back to full health and have been making the most of the Summer holidays. So, no more Peter Griffin necks. And if you’re wondering what I mean by that, just check out my last Little Catch-up

Having a teen and a toddler, sometimes it’s difficult to think of things they can both enjoy together. If the teen had it her way, she would be sat watching YouTube Video’s all day. But, I think we managed to pull it off over the last week.

We’ll start with the day at Lepe.

I would like to say the Beach itself has golden sand and sparkling water and although the water is very clear unfortunately the sand is not necessarily golden, more like stony and full of dry seaweed and shells – not the best for making sandcastles. But, Lepe Beach is a 5-minute drive from our house and it’s beautiful regardless with views of the Isle of Wight on a clear day.

Can you spot the Crab?

With it being the summer holidays, we made sure to arrive fairly early before it got crowded. And sure enough we managed to bag a great spot which consisted of easy access to the toilet (obviously) and car so we didn’t have to lug our things too far.

We had a bit of a walk from where we set up our towels to the sea but for my little monster, this was an adventure in itself. The tide being out meant there were plenty of shallow pools of water which housed many little creatures and shells which she loved investigating. We pointed out the array of crabs and caught a few in a bucket so she could get a better look (don’t worry, we let them go again, we’re not crab killers). Some of which were not easy to spot at all and camouflaged out of sight if you took your eyes off them.

Take a look at the picture above, I swear there is a crab in it… somewhere?

We took sandwiches for a picnic and plenty of Sunscreen. Had a paddle about in the water and attempted a Sandcastle which doesn’t work quite as well when your sand is full of stones and shells and kept falling apart but the seaweed made a nice addition.

Forest trek

Forest Den

We’re lucky enough to have the amazing  New Forest National Park on our doorstep and having a dog means we spend a lot of time there.


There are so many different walking and bike trails but I tend to stick to the same ones. If it’s just me and the kids, I would be sure to get us lost and I don’t fancy spending a night in the forest.

Tree Swing

We’ve spent a fair bit of time there over the last few weeks and even found a tree swing. My teen loves the swing and now wants to head to it every time we go. Honestly, the rope used for it is pretty thin so I do wince every time she has a go and wonder how long it will take for the thing to snap and my teen to break an arm or something. A day in A&E is not on my list of things to do in during the summer holidays.

It’s also a great place for tiring everyone out, including the dog. The Dog runs after his ball and the girls run around after the dog. It’s great.

My attempt at Home Made Burgers

Anyone that knows me knows cooking is not my forte. Some people love to get stuck in in the kitchen, my mum being one of them. But for me, it’s basically a means to an end. Something that has to be done in order to sustain my family. That being said, I’m trying to be better in the kitchen. Instead of taking stuff out the freezer to bung in the oven, I’m trying to do more meals from scratch. My mum keeps telling me the more I cook the more I’ll start to enjoy it… I’m still waiting for that to happen.

But check them out, they look pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Obviously, the pic shows them uncooked but I forgot to take an after pic before they got demolished so you’ll just have to imagine how good they were cooked. And they were good, by the way!

Oh, and the teen and I made some brownies. I didn’t have a typical brownie tin to cook them in, so I used a round cake tin. Rectangular or round… didn’t really make any difference for us, they were delicious regardless. Especially with a bit of vanilla Ice Cream.

Swimming at The Rapids

We attempted to head to our local gym pool but upon arrival were told the temperature in the Learner pool (the one we use with the toddler) was all wrong and we couldn’t use it (wasn’t quite put like that). So, after getting our costumes on under our clothes and packing towels and float jackets and all the other paraphernalia required for an hour out of the house and in the pool, we were up a creek without a paddle, so to speak.


After a quick think on the plan of action, we headed home to collect the car. And, after collecting my friend’s daughter who is the same age as my teen, we took the 20-minute drive to an even better pool, Romsey Rapids.

Sounds extreme but it’s not really. Although it’s much better than our local gym pool and does have a “rapids” section and an area for little ones. The pirate ship is pretty cool and has a slide that seems to be a hit with the little ones. My little one had a go and I did have to have a little chuckle to myself when she shot down it surprisingly quickly and was more than a little shocked to land in shallow water at the bottom. She certainly wasn’t expecting it. But it didn’t stop her after the first go we couldn’t get her away and before we knew it our hour was up. We headed to the changing rooms but not without tears from the toddler at being taken away from her new beloved slide.

Nursery and cleaning.

So, after a busy week out and about, it’s fair to say any housework got pushed aside in favour of having some family fun. Friday came around and the place was a bit of a mess. My teen stayed in my friend’s house the night before and was with them for most of the day and my toddler was spending the morning in nursery, so I took the opportunity to restore order and did boring housework.


I would love to hear what fun you’ve been doing over the last week to keep the kids entertained?






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  1. Carol

    Living close to the beach and the woods sounds ideal to me. Sounds like the family had a lot of fun. Looking forward to your adventures this week. #MMBC

    • One Clueless Mum

      We got a fair bit planned for this week too. My Teen goes into year 10 in September and we’ll have a big focus on school and GCSE’s soon so trying to get as much fun in as we can. ?

    • One Clueless Mum

      Thank you. Was hoping to get another day at the beach in but it seems the whether has other ideas. I hope you have a lovely break!

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