5 Benefits of Having Small Boobs

5 Benefits of having small boobs

Boobs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. But if you have small boobs, you’re likely to acutely aware of some of the names small boobs have earned over the years. Some of which are; two fried eggs, bee stings, ironing board, and mosquito bites.

And the good old-fashioned classroom upside-down calculator that reads ‘boobless’.

Having small boobs was always a “thing” for me growing up. As a youngster, everyone around me; my mum, sister, aunties, female cousins, and friends all had much bigger boobs and I was so envious. I clearly didn’t hit the boob branch on the way down the inheritance tree and I hated it.

I spent my teens determined to have a boob job as soon as age and funding made it possible. And all because I assumed bigger boobs were more attractive, more feminine, and looked better in clothing (to be fair i still think they look great in clothing).

The older I got the more I realised small boobs didn’t mean you were any less woman or attractive than women with bigger boobs. In fact, small boobs now seem to be more trendy. While big boobs for some people seem to be quite a hindrance.

What I would say to my teenage self

If I could have a chat with my teenage self, I would tell her that her small boobs are perfectly fine as they are.

Unfortunately, they won’t grow much more (no matter how much I always hoped they would). However, they will one day provide nourishment and comfort to her child and for that reason, she will learn to respect them greatly.

I would also explain to the ‘teen’ me that although she may hate her small boobies now, she will eventually realise big boobs are not what they’re cracked up to be.

There are many reasons to love your small rack. But here are 5 benefits of having small boobs, to name just a few.5 Benefits of having small boobs

1. There are no limitations to the type of bra you can wear.

Bras come in all shapes, colours, and designs. Having smaller boobs means there are a whole variety of styles and designs you could choose from.Different coloured Bra's

However, it seems the bigger the bra size the less choice you have. I’ve heard many people complain that you just don’t get the same choices in larger sizes.

2. No back pain caused by big boobs

Although it seems it’s not quite scientifically proven, everyone I know with big boobs all seems to share a common complaint… Back pain.

Larger breasts seem to mean you’re likely to experience more aches and pains to the upper back, neck, and shoulders due to additional weight and strain to the muscles and ligaments. Check out this article for more info – Healthline

If you don’t have big boobs you shouldn’t have this problem. If you do have back pain, it’s certainly not because of your boobies.

3. When you get pregnant, your boobs won’t grow to an unnaturally monstrous size

Ladies with large boobs are likely to dread further boob growth during pregnancy. Imagine having a rather large bust that gives you back pain already and then adding another bra size or two when pregnant. That’s some big boobage right there and a lot of weight to carry as well as your growing baby.

For me having smaller boobs meant that although I did go up a size or two, it was only to a C/D cup maximum. Aside from the soreness caused by hormones etc, it was like having a temporary boob job.

Oh, how I loved my pregnancy boobs and miss them greatly. Still wouldn’t change them though.

4. Small boobs are less likely to sag

The bigger the boob the more likely they are to sag with age. That’s not to say small boobs don’t sag but there’s just not as much of them to do so.

Apparently, it’s down to the flesh to fat ratio. Luckily (not) for me, all my fat goes straight to the hips and arse.

Nothing will stop your boobs from changing, with age, pregnancy, or both. Mine certainly have. But at least they won’t end up down to your belly button.

5. You’re less likely to attract dickhead men

Studies have shown, men who only go for big-breasted women tend to be more shallow and/or sexist. Having small boobs means you won’t need to worry about those guys. They’re more likely to go for your big boobed friend than you, but it’s no great loss. He’s likely to be a knobhead anyway.

The myths

As well as these 5 benefits of small boobs there are also a few myths associated with boobs, big or small. While we’re on the subject, I wanted to clear up some small boob myths.

Small boobs are still at risk of Cancer

Having less boob does not mean you are at any less of a risk of developing breast cancer. It’s widely believed that the smaller the boobs the smaller the risk. This is simply not true. You should check your breasts regularly for any changes regardless of their size. Check out breastcancer.org for more info on how to so properly.

We can still breastfeed with small boobs.

Some people believe small breasts don’t produce as much breast milk. Not true. Women with small breasts can breastfeed just as well as women with big boobs. Size really doesn’t make any difference. Our bodies are amazing things and will adapt to provide what our new little bundle of joy needs.

Love your boobs regardless of their size.


One Clueless Mum

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  1. Lydia C. Lee

    Firstly is knobhead the technical term? (that made me laugh out loud) Secondly, I was unaware that people thought it was harder to breast feed with small boobs. I actually thought it was the other way round, due to the people around me that couldn’t feed…so there you go. #Globalblogging

    • One Clueless Mum

      Definitely a technical term in my book๐Ÿ˜†
      I got asked if i could produce enough milk with small boobs. It seems we all get hit with that one, big or small.

  2. Kate

    We are all individuals and we are beautiful in our own right and our own way. We need to do out utmost to get this across to the girls and women in our lives and we will be stronger as a community for it and we need to be strong. I like the mix of humour and really important stuff in this post #MMBC

    • One Clueless Mum

      Absolutely, young people need to know what they see in the media is not real. Most celeb images have been tweaked/enhanced in some way making girls and women feel insecure.

      Thank you for commenting and I’m glad you liked my post. A great compliment coming from a pro blogger such as yourself. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • One Clueless Mum

      That’s good to hear, my mum and cousins have a much bigger size to me and used to always complain about having less options in bigger sizes.

  3. Lisa - Little Orange Dog

    With you on this one. I wouldn’t say, my boobs are particularly small now, they’re about a 34C, but I am certainly happy with what I have. I know ladies with very large boobs have so many problems and they have to spend a fortune on bras, so yay for small boobs!


    • Mmarple

      WHY do large boobed women think we can just swan around without a bra?? I LIKE wearing a bra with small tits, it gives the illusion of actually having them. And do you really think I want my nipples poking out? Do you think my manager would like that in a professional setting? Seriously, THINK before you type.

  4. Sally Wade

    I used to hate being ‘flat chested’ and did think about boob jobs when I was young. Thank god I couldn’t afford it as I love them now! They haven’t drooped in my 40s and I find traditional bras really uncomfortable so I’m pleased to be able to wear a teenage cotton sports bra or no bra at all!

    I actually love the small boob look now and love it when celebrities rock them (Emma Willis, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller..) I think my body type would look unnatural with big boobs so I’m glad I came to love them sooner rather than later ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Ž

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