A Little Catch Up #3

A Little Catch-up #3

Welcome to a Little Catch-up #3. It’s been a while since my last catch-up, click here to check it out.

A Little Catch-up #3

Busy busy

It’s been a busy working week this week. My business partner is enjoying a lovely holiday and I’m here, holding down the fort. But that’s ok, he’ll have to do the same for me at the end of September when we head off to Center Parcs.

We have a small Bespoke Kitchen Design & Installation business which is slowly building to what will hopefully be both our full-time jobs. We have a few kitchens we’re working on at the moment so it’s keeping us pretty busy.

Back to school

Aside from work, we’ve also had the whole back to school prep going on. This year, I was clever enough to get most of my teenagers uniform in at the beginning of the Summer (YAY to me) so only had to get stationery and notebooks etc. But as I didn’t have much to get, I did leave it until last minute. Hence the mad dash to go get the last bits in.

My teen went back to school on Friday which i thought was a bit odd, but then i realised the new year 7’s had a few days on their own before the whole school returned. I can kind of see why they do this, i remember it being extremely daunting going into “the big school” as a kid.

Her first day as a year 10 apparently was  “just as it was in year 9 and what is all the fuss about?” I had to explain the fuss is that she’s getting older, she’s going up a year in school which means shes becoming a peer to the younger kids. She’s now someone they will look up to. She has more responsibility both at home and in school.

And, shes ageing way too quickly for my liking. I need her to be that little 10-year-old girl she was when she first came to live with us. Then, i could keep her safe. The older she gets the less control i have and the more she has to make her own decisions. Quite frankly, it’s terrifying to me.

But i suppose the time was always going to come. I just wish it wasn’t hurtling towards me at great speed.

As she’s now in year 10, we’ve been talking a lot about her GCSE’s and future ambitions over the Summer. Most of the convo’s, I’m proud to say, were instigated by my teen herself. I noticed a huge shift in focus from her over the last few months. Hopefully, it continues into the new school year.

Toddler Sofa Disaster

I very nearly cried on Wednesday. Like proper snot dribbling cry.

For a short time, I managed to get distracted by a work call I had to take and turned my back on my toddler. Big mistake, I know! I turned my back long enough for my little monster to play with anything and everything she’s not supposed to.

Phone call finished with, I quickly notice a pen in her hand. Grabbing it from her before she could do any damage and about to head back to the laptop, i realised the damage was already done… Squiggly lines all over my Sofa seat cushions.

My heart stopped and I’m pretty sure my soul left my body for a second.

Do you know when you have to take a moment and take some really deep breaths before your head pops straight off your shoulders? That was me. I could really have done without it this week.

Cue frantic run to the kitchen to grab a bowl of hot soapy water, sponges, stain remover and anything else that remotely looks like it miraculously might remove the pen from my beautiful 6-month-old sofa.

Saving the sofa

This is my lovely brown sofa that we bought brand new December last year. Although we had to wait 8 weeks for it,  so it was finally delivered in January this year. Minus some legs on the 3 seater as SCS are a pain in the arse and delivered it without some of the legs. This has now been rectified.

As soon as I saw it online I instantly fell in love. The old corner sofa we had was old, bulky and lumpy and just horrible. We were well overdue a new one and this was “the one”.

Kendal / Downton Brown Sofa
My lovely Sofa before my toddler’s pen attack.

Luckily, I think I’ve managed to get most of the pen marks out. I couldn’t bear to watch it dry to see if the pen was still visible so I turned the seat cushion over. I have since checked and there are very faint marks still but you have to really look. Screw it though, they’re staying turned over.

Adding to this epic parenting failure, my mum decides to lecture me on why i shouldn’t leave things like pens lying around and let this be a lesson bla bla bla. I love my mum to bits but just f*ck off. That’s not what I want to hear when my head is up my arse.

Feel free to share any suggestions on how to get pen marks out of a sofa that is a similar material to suede. Suggestions on how to tame a feral sofa destroying toddler are also welcome.

St Johns Ambulance

In other news, my teen has a meeting with St Johns Ambulance next week. She seems adamant at the moment that she wants to be a paramedic. She keeps watching ‘Inside the ambulance’ and learning all about what the job entails.

Her teacher (before they broke up for summer) put us in touch with St Johns so we have a meeting to get more info on joining as a cadet. I’m really excited for her. Her confidence hasn’t been great in the past so the fact that she’s willing to step outside her comfort zone and give it a go is a huge plus. We’re so proud of her.

The weekend

We don’t have a lot on this weekend so we’re hoping to just spend some quality time together as a family at home.

I think we might get the crafts box out and get making some Halloween decorations ready for our Hallween/birthday party in October.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Have you been busy this week with the back to school palava? I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. Christy

    Oh no, the sofa! We just ordered a new sofa and I usually say no thank you to all the extra plans, but they offered us a plan that covers damage from children including intentional damage from under 6 years old like drawing on it, as they’re too young to understand so it qualifies as an accident. I looked at my two year old and thought for the first time ever, okay, maybe I’d better get the extra insurance plan. Hope you have a nice break at Center Parcs though. #KCACOLS

  2. Laura - Mummy Lauretta

    Glad you managed to get the marks off the sofa, this would have made me cry too although we are moving soon and I can’t wait to get ours professionally cleaned after we are in our new house! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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    […] I use our dining table. Admittedly, our dining table is located in our main living space and is not often used for dining but it’s big enough to store everything I need for working, i.e. laptop, stationary & paperwork. It’s also high enough that my toddler can’t get her hands on anything. Pens, pencils etc are kept in a pen pot and pushed far enough away from the edge of the table. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way on that one. (I don’t want another toddler artwork on my sofa cushions crisis, thank you very much). More on that tale here – A Little Catch Up #3. […]

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