Halloween Party – Games and Decorations

We had our annual Halloween/Birthday party on Saturday. It’s safe to say it was a successful evening and plenty of spooky fun was had by all.Halloween Party Games & Decorations

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We started decorating the house a few days before the party to give us a chance to get it all done without the inevitable stress of it being last minute. And it also gave the toddler a chance to get used to the scary faces.

A great trick in making some of the larger props a bit more friendly and a little less scary was giving them names. So we now have a rather dashing animated Dracula named Uncle Harry & an abnormally tall butler named Uncle Bruce.

Tall Animated Butler
Animated Butler
(aka Uncle Bruce)
Tall Animated Vampire
Tall Animated Vampire (aka Uncle Harry)

Rather than adding pictures of each prop, I decided to put together a little video to give you the full effect of each character in motion.

(Oh, I should warn you – I have zero video editing skills so please excuse the complete incompetence)



If you’re looking for Halloween Animated Decorations of your own Amazon do some great items. Here are some of my favourites:

*Click on the image for more information

Amazon Animated Zombie
Ground Breaker Zombie
Amazon Animated Clown
Killer Clown
Amazon Animated Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper
Amazon Animated Witch
Talking Witch
Halloween Wall Decal Decoration
Halloween wall decal
Halloween Cocoon Corpse Animated Decoration
Animated Cocoon Corpse

Fancy Dress to Impress

As well as the ghosts, ghouls, witches and Zombie decorations, our guests didn’t let us down and were all in fancy dress. We had skeletons, vampires, a zombie nurse, Harley Quinn, Morticia Addams and Uncle Fester, a baby pumpkin, Yoda and even (a half-arsed) Daenerys Targaryen riding a Dragon to name a few.

Halloween Party


Halloween Party Games

To really get your Halloween Party going you need some party games. You can tailor games depending on age range. Here are some party game ideas to get you started.

Pin The Nose on the Witch

Halloween Cocoon Corpse Animated Decoration

This a great party game for all ages. This little set from Amazon comes with a poster, noses and a blindfold.

Mummy Wrap Race

Again this is great for all ages. Buy a load of cheap loo roll, separate the kids (and the big kids) into groups of two and let them have at it. The team to wrap a team member completely in tissue (like a mummy) the quickest wins.

Apple Bobbing

The Halloween classic. I’m pretty certain every man (or woman) and their dog know how to play this game. But, in case you don’t, all you need is a big bowl of water and apples. Put the apples in the water and with hands tied behind their back, participants then try to get an apple out of the water with their teeth. Time each person and whoever gets the most apples within the time limit wins.

Halloween Trivia

A great game for adults after the kids have gone to bed is Halloween Trivia. It can be scary movie related or just general Halloween related questions. There are so many FREE printable’s available online. Or, just head to my ‘Halloween Ideas’ Pinterest Board.

Spider Race

You will need a Spider (preferably plastic) and a straw. Each person has to use the straw to blow the spider from one side of the room to the other, without touching the spider. Who gets there first wins.

Doughnut Bobbing 

Similar to Apple Bobbing but this time you tie a ring doughnut to a piece of string dangling from the ceiling (we use a curtain pole). Each player has to eat the doughnut in the quickest time but using only their mouths. You might want to tie hands behind backs on this one, it’s very tempting to cheat.

Hopefully, I’ve given you some Halloween Party Games &  Decorations  ideas to start you off. Head to Pinterest where you’ll find plenty more. You’ll soon get your Halloween party off to a flying start.

Are you doing anything for Halloween this year? Do you dec your house out and try to scare small children?


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