Easy Homemade Christmas Wreath

Homemade Christmas Wreath

Its that time of year again when most of us become slightly spellbound by the magic of Christmas. We give and receive gifts. Get rather merry on that fancy bottle of fizz you’ve had in the cupboard all year. Eat enough food to make you regret it after Christmas when you realise your pocket might have lost a few pounds but your hips and backside have certainly gained some. We also decorate our homes in twinkly lights and festive colours. But I wonder how many of us buy new decorations each year or reuse the old ones from Christmases gone by?

I’m more of a reuse the old stuff till it breaks kind of person. So each year around the 1st December, I send my other half up into the loft (ain’t no way I’m going up there) to retrieve the boxes of Christmas decorations that were packed up the year before shortly after New Year’s Day.

Upcycling an old Garland

how to reuse an old garlandThis year I came across an old scruffy garland that had well and truly lost its charm. I have no idea what year I bought it but I suspect it had probably been around a while.

Rather than throwing it away, I decided to reuse it. I’ve wanted a nice door wreath for a while but didn’t want to spend a fortune on a shop-bought one. So, I decided to give the scruffy old garland a lease of life. After removing the old lights that had stopped working long ago, it was ready for what I had in mind.

And, this is how I made an easy homemade Christmas wreath using an old Garland.

1. Prep your garland ready for making the wreath

Stretch out the garland and get an idea on how much you have to play with. The one I used was around 4m, long enough to make a decent size wreath. Remove any lights or decorations you don’t want and stretch out the branches.

2. Create your wreath shape

Think about where your going to hand your wreath and what size you want. Create a circle shape to suit the size you have in mind using roughly one half of the garland. Once your happy with the circle size, secure it by either twisting the end of the garland around where it meets the length or use a thin piece of wire.

3. Thicken the shape of the wreath

Now you have the basic shape, you can start wrapping the remaining Garland around the circle. This will thicken up your garlands branches so it’s not looking so thin. Try to keep the metal stem tight again the circle’s metal stem.

It will take a bit of teasing the branches out of the way but you should end up with something that looks like this. Make a wreath out of a garland

Tip: At this point, I decided what side i want to be the front and then pulled and teased as many branches as i could to the front to make it appear much thicker.

4. Add some twinkly lights

Just like a Christmas tree you want to add your lights before you start decorating. I used two small sets of battery operated fairy lights.

I wrapped the two sets around the wreath trying to spread them as evenly as possible. Tip: As you wrap, think about which way the lights are pointing, you want as many pointing to the front of the wreath as you can.

Once complete, I secured the two battery packs to the back of the wreath using wire. wreath battery operated lights

Wreath battery operated lights

Note: Depending on where you plan to hang your wreath you may need water proof lights if your wreath is going to be exposed to the elements.

5. Decorate your Christmas Wreath.

Now for the fun part.Wreath decorating

Wreath decorating

Think about what colours you want your wreath to be. I much prefer the more traditional colours and opted for mainly reds and golds which also match my tree decorations.

You could have anything; bows, baubles, tinsel, beads. Or maybe you want to go more natural and have real twigs, wildflowers, pine cones, berries and dried oranges.

For mine, I reused a lot of old decorations I had, like the lights, baubles, pine cones and even the snow is a can I had left over from last year. The only new addition are the bows. I bought some ribbon reels from amazon, like this one Ribbon Queen Premium Gold on Gold Snowflake Glitter Organza Wide Wire Edged Ribbon 3M Christmas and made them myself.

6. Tweak and re-tweak

Long after you’ve decorated your wreath your likely to continue to play around with it until your happy. Mine has been hanging on my door most of the day but I keep going back and fiddling about with it, adding bits here and tweaking bits there.

And here is my finished Homemade Christmas Wreath, complete with bows, baubles, pine cones, lights and artificial snow.

Homemade Christmas Wreath
Easy Homemade Christmas Wreath

Even now, I’m wondering if the top bow is too big?? Hmmm, I’ll have to sleep on that one.

Now, I want to see yours

I hope you have enjoyed this guide on making a Christmas Wreath out of an old garland. If you’ve done the same or something similar, I would love to see it.

Merry Christmas



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