Potty Training Tips

Potty training tips – the basics

I have started potty training many times but then put it on hold after realising she just wasn’t ready. Throughout the whole process so far, I’ve turned to the internet many times to find advice and tips on ways that might assist or make the process easier on both me and my toddler. Some have helped and some hindered. So, I wanted to pull a list together of the things that have helped me thus far.

Just to clarify, we are well on the way and have mostly nailed wee’s during the day but we still have a long way to go. Wee wee’s might be sorted but poo-poos are proving to be much much more challenging.

As we continue through the potty training process and make some improvement on poo’s (I’ve got to say, it’s looking pretty crap so far (excuse the pun)), then onto night time training, I will add to the Potty Training Tips list.

Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

  • Your child has to be ready

There is no use forcing the issue (trust me it just ends in tears for both of you). If their not ready to potty train, don’t force or overly encourage them. Some kids are ready to start earlier than others and maybe put off altogether if they feel they are being forced to do something they don’t want to. You don’t want to make the ‘potty’ something they fear.

  • Wait for the signs

Toddlers can be complex creatures, just check out Toddlers: 5 Things No One Tells You to see what I mean. But, every now and then your toddler might just know best.

Your child will start showing you they are ready to Potty Train themselves and when they do it’s a good time to slowly start the potty training process. Some of the signs are;

-Pulling at their wet or dirty nappy

-Telling you when they are having or need a wee wee

-Showing an interest when you’re using the toilet

-Waking in the morning to a dry nappy

-Going off & hiding to do their wee or poo

-Having a dry nappy for longer periods during the day

  • Don’t allow others to pressure you

My little one was finally ready around 2 years & 2 months but I’d tried numerous times before then. And not because I knew my child was ready, no, because I felt pressured by others to start. I kept being told my own family that their kids were potty trained by 18 months. Someone saying this once or twice is fine, but when it becomes a “Oh, is she not potty trained yet, mine was done by 18 months”, it really starts to make you feel like your doing something wrong.

So, if your one of those (extremely) early potty trainers who kids were using the potty on exiting the whom, please don’t use this as a battering ram for other mothers. It may seem like your trying to help or encourage but honestly, you’re just making her feel shit and inferior. So stop it!

And, to the mothers that are feeling the pressure from other mothers, don’t listen! Every child is different at different ages. You never see a six-year-old going to school in nappies so you know it will happen at some point. In fact, tell those mothers how they are making you feel because they should know. Motherhood is hard as it is, more so for some than others, so let’s not put each other down, instead let’s lift each other up.

Just remember, you never know how someone is really feeling on the inside, regardless of what they are putting out to the world.

  • Accept there will be accidents

Potty training is not easy for you or your child. You need to accept there are going to be accidents. Even when you think you’ve nailed it, there will be the odd slip-up. I thought I had wee’s nailed and just two days ago, my little one had an accident on the sofa. I was completely surprised as she’d never ever peed on the sofa. It turns out she was feeling under the weather and ended up having diarrhoea through the night (thankfully she was wearing a pull up).

Accidents will be frustrating, but you need to keep it calm and tell your little one that it’s okay, accidents happen. Clean it up and move on. If you start getting angry or telling them off, you’ll create anxiousness and fear and end up going backwards in the potty training journey.


We might have nailed wee’s but we still have a long way to go. Poo’s are going to be an ongoing struggle for a while I think but we will get there in the end and when we do I will update this list with any other tips I think might be useful.

For now, there are plenty of websites with help and advice on Potty Training. Check out – How to Potty Train or Potty Training for more help and advice.


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  1. Sarah-Marie

    It’s very true about not letting others pressure you. My eldest was Potty Trained before he was 2. He spotted a dinosaur potty in Boots and that was it he was off. My youngest has just turned 3 and will only use the potty when naked! He’ll get there though… #StayClassyMama

    • One Clueless Mum

      They’re all so different arn’t they & going through stages at different times. I don’t know why people seem to want to put tight time frames on these things.

  2. loopyloulaura

    My experience with my 3 was so different each time! All 3 were dry at night way before they managed it during the day. They all chose their own time and way of potty training. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  3. crummymummy1

    Having potty trained 3 times now – one when they were two, one when they were three & one when they were four – I echo the wait until they’re ready tip. There’s just no point otherwise! #MMBC

    • One Clueless Mum

      3 times?! Well, you could probably give me some advice! We’re still struggling with the number 2’s. She demands a Pull Up on and to go up in her bedroom when she needs number 2. I’m sure we’ll get there eventually – When she’s ready. 😀

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