We’re all finding it pretty tough at the moment – being stuck indoors I mean. With Corona Virus seemingly worsening, it looks like we won’t be seeing the end of lockdown any time soon. We’re on week 3 and honestly, keeping the kids entertained is becoming increasingly difficult. On the plus side, the weather is being kind to us and we have a garden, which is more than some people have. We have to take the positives where we can, don’t we?

Having the garden means we’re not confined to the house and we can look outdoors for things to do. So, if you too are lucky enough to have a garden to use, why not make the most of this lovely weather and take the kids outside. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to entertain the kids, maybe this list of 7 Great Garden Activities for Kids can help. These are activities that you can do with your kids or you can just set them up and leave them to it.

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Growing Fruit & Veg

Watering flowers

You don’t need to have a big veggie patch to be able to grow some fruit and veggies. You also don’t need to have a green finger – I definitely do not. All you need is some compost, pots or planters & seeds or seedlings. You can pretty much grow anything. Some of the easier things are Strawberries, Spring Onion, Lettuce, Peas, Runner Beans & Potatoes.

You may already have these things knocking around in your garden shed from previous years. If not you can look to Amazon. With DIY stores and Garden centres closed, Amazon is the next best thing and delivered straight to your door. Here are some ideas to get you started –

60cm Milano Patio Planter – Gunmetal Grey

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Enriched Compost 40L

Strawberry ‘Red Gauntlet’ Hardy Garden Fruit Plant Bushes | 9cm Pot (5 Plants)

It’s much easier and quicker to grow fruit & veg when you buy them as a plant rather than a seed. But, if you prefer to start from scratch with seeds, Amazon has a whole host to choose from.

Growing fruit & veg is an ongoing garden activity. Once your little ones have planted the seeds they then need to look after their new little seedlings – pruning, feeding & watering.

Drawing with outdoor chalk

Outdoor Chalk
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Outdoor chalk is great fun. It’s a fab way to get the kids outside while being creative and it’s cheap! An added benefit – when it rains it will all wash away. Or you could just get the garden hose on it and start again.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Completely free and easy. All you need to do is grab a load of cushions/pillows, maybe a few toys here and there and create yourself (i mean the kids) an obstacle course. Use any outdoor toys you already have – tunnel or play tent, slide, water balloons, a mini-trampoline. Or you could use some of the garden furniture you already have – chairs, upturned empty plant pots or planters, buckets.

Make a fairy Garden

Fairy Garden House
Photo by David Gonzales from Pexels

I love the magic of a fairy garden. My mum made one with my toddler in her garden last year and I’m going to do the same in my garden this year.

If like me, you have a lot of trees around you then you shouldn’t be too hard pushed to find natural materials to help make little fairy houses. I plan to use an old plant pot filled with stone and compost, plenty of twigs to make little bridges and even recycle plastic milk bottles and else i can find to make mini fairy houses. And maybe when the birds start chucking the moss out of my gutters i will add that too.

There are plenty of things that you can find outside to use for your fairy garden. But you may want to invest in a glue gun if you don’t already have on. If you’re looking for that extra pizzaz – there are plenty of jazzy accessories you can order online. Check out Fairy Garden Accessories

on Amazon for some great ideas.
I also have a Fairy Garden Pinterest Board going where I’m collating all of my fairy garden ideas. Feel free to check it out here.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt
Photo by N. on Unsplash

A treasure hunt can keep the kids occupied for hours. It doesn’t need to be anything sophisticated. All you need to do is plant small toys or sweets (treasures) around the house and garden, draw out a basic map (or not so basic depending on the age of the kids) marking the places where they may find treasure with an ‘X’ and send them off.

To make it even more interesting. Instead of using a map, write out clues (or riddles if you’re feeling really creative) that need to be solved in order to figure out where the next clue or treasure is. Take a look at these examples –
“Here’s something colourful for you to see, you will find your next clue where you might find a bee”
“If you want your next clue lets give it a shot, you will find your next clue under a plant …….(?)”
“Your next clue is there to see, it’s growing behind the old oak ……(?)”
“Spring is here like a lovely spring lamb, you will find your next clue behind the watering …..(?)”
“Its warm outside so take off your socks, you will find your next clue behind the garden bird box”
“Look over here and look over there, your next clue can be found under the garden ……(?)”

Scavenger Hunt

Along the same lines as a Treasure Hunt except without the map or the riddles. Instead, you need to give your little one a list of items they need to find around the garden. If you have toddlers rather than tweens, you may want to help them out by adding some pictures to the list to show what the items might look like. Either google the images and print them out. Or get creative and draw the items you want them to find. They can tick each one off as they go.

Once again you could plant things around the garden for them to find like small balls, certain toys or sweets.
You could also get them to hunt for things we would find naturally in the garden like – sticks, brown leaf, green leaf, yellow flower, purple flower, feather, grass, acorn, ant & butterfly. The list is endless and could keep them busy for hours.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Garden Activities for Kids
Photo by Andy Kuzma from Pexels

Why not break up the day by spending your lunchtime having a Teddy Bears picnic.
Gather up a blanket, some sandwiches and fruit or cake (whatever you were planning on having for lunch), and not forgetting your child’s favourite Teddy bears and head to the garden.
Having a patch of grass is preferable for this one, but if not just double up your blanket to soften a hard floor.

Childs toy Cup and Saucer

My little one has a toy teapot and cup set that we use for her teddy bears.

So, if you’re struggling for ideas on how to entertain the kids hopefully this list will be useful. Failing that, just shove them all outside, lock the doors and put your feet up for an hour with a hot cup of coffee and a chocolate digestive biscuit (they are the best dunking biscuit after all).

Have you tried any of these activities yet? I would love to hear about how you’re keeping the kids entertained.


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