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Top 8 Online Resources for New Mums

Planned for or not, being a new mum can be a scary time. Once you get the trauma of the birth out of the way, the stress doesn’t end there. You now have a newborn baby to contend with. A new little human who is relying on you for absolutely everything.

When night feeds don’t go to plan. Maybe a cry doesn’t quite sound right. A poo seems to be a funny colour. A rash develops out of the blue. When they won’t latch on properly. When they won’t sleep. Or, are they sleeping too much… The worries and questions are endless.

When friends offer to help

Top 8 Online Resources for New Mums
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You may have that best friend who is 3 kids in already and assures you, “you can call any time, day or night if you need to”. But, you know you can’t really call her in the middle of the night. For one, she has three bloody kids, if anyone needs a good night sleep it’s her! And two, you know deep down, as much as she meant well, she would not appreciate your face flashing up on her phone at stupid o’clock. Would you?

So, if you’re anything like me you’ll head to the only real place you can rely on at 3 am while your baby is still attached and gnawing away at your nipple… Your secret new best friend – the internet. I googled so many things in the small hours of many mornings as a new mum. Some things crazier than others. Just take a look at 15 Google Searches of a New Mum to understand what I mean.

But for each Google search, you will likely be faced with page after page of different sites and resources all claiming to be the answer to your most burning questions. In the early hours of the morning after having no sleep, it’s hard to know which one to dive into and which ones are just wanting another ‘sign up’ that lands you with an inbox crammed with spam.

Top 8 Online resources for new mums

Top 8 online resources for New Mums

The current lockdown situation may also make being a new mum doubly hard. Your unlikely to have your usual friends around you. The ones you would normally get together with for a coffee and a chat. To share tips and tricks or just simple vent and blow off some steam.

Even if you already know the answers, sometimes it’s nice having someone you trust confirm what you already know.

So maybe this list of my top 8 online resources can help. These are the sites I relied heavily upon as a new mum and still do. Hopefully, if your reading this post at silly o’clock because your sweet little bundle is not being so sweet, just maybe one of the following can help.

I should also note, I’m will not receive any kind of commission if you click any of the links. This post is just for information purposes only. From one mum to another. 

Baby Center

The Baby Center had to be at the top of the list. Looking back to that time in late 2017 when my now crazy toddler was only a tiny thing, Baby Center was always the one place I knew would always have good solid advice about pretty much everything new baby-related.

What I also love about the Baby Centre is that you can register your details and your child’s DOB and they will regularly update you at different stages of your child’s development. This is great as it gives you peace of mind that they are reaching those all-important milestones. You can also register your expected delivery date if you’re still expecting and do the same for your unborn baby too. There’s nothing like knowing when your unborn child is growing hair and fingernails.


NCT is not just a place for antenatal courses, they also have a load of information on their website too. From pregnancy and childbirth to baby and toddlers and life as a parent – they have it all. They also have handy developmental sections which help you to understand if your child is on track.

NCT also try to get new mums and dads out meeting other new mums and dads with a ‘Local Activities and Meet-Ups’ section. You just pop in your Post Code and they let you know if there are any meetups in your area. Obviously, this wouldn’t be available during lockdown but it’s a good chance to get out and meet others when this is all over.


I’m sure if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Netmums. But if not I’ll give you the gist. Netmums is a community of normal mums and a few dads, like you and me, sharing help and advice on various parenting and general adulting topics, through various forums. This usually results in a huge thread of different people offering their thoughts on your questions. As far as advice goes, you can’t really ask for better than from people who have ‘been there done that’. Not only can you share advice but you can also build genuine friendships. They also focus on the local community and have various information on what’s available in your local area. From antenatal classes to mother and baby groups & childcare.

And, if you’re not feeling all that social, Netmums also have plenty of parenting articles for you to flick through.

The Bump

The bump is again a great source for info. This site focuses on providing you with regular updates on the various stages from trying to conceive all the way through to being a new parent. Signing up will give you access to detailed information about your 6week old fetus, or your 7 day old newborn.

I used their ovulation calculator a lot when trying to conceive. It’s a great tool which gives you a rough idea on when you would be expected to ovulate in a normal cycle and therefore the optimal time to get pregnant. Although we realised this sort of tool was useless for us, due to having fertility issues, it would be a great tool for others.


Sometimes we forget what a great resource the NHS website can be. We use it to diagnose our illnesses but forget that it’s full of solid reliable information on pregnancy and parenting too. If you have any health concerns, either while pregnant or with your newborn, the NHS website is always the best place to start.

It doesn’t just offer advice on things like labour, birth and breastfeeding. But also touches a lot on mental wellbeing before and after birth too. There are even tips on how to cope with tiredness and even sex after birth.


Mumsnet, not to be confused with Netmums of which it’s similar to, is more about the chat. There seems to be a much wider range of topics covered here. The difference between the two is that Netmums has a big focus on the local community aspect which isn’t there with Mumsnet.

That being said they are both excellent resources for new mums in need of the perspective of others who have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.


Bounty is more about supporting parents as they transition from pregnancy into parenthood. It’s a place with a library of information available on pregnancy and new babies, a-z of baby names and milestones.

Bounty also offers Bounty Packs. These are little packs full of free samples, money off vouchers and information leaflets which are emailed to you as a voucher, which you print off and take to either Tesco, Asda or Boots. FYI – The bounty packs look so much better then they did when I was collecting my own back in 2017.

Money Saving Expert

The Money Saving Expert may not spring to mind when thinking about parenting advice but when it comes to your families finances, its invaluable. For some, starting a family can be costly and if you’re not prepared it can cause mega stress and anxiety at a time when you should be focusing on your new little bundle of joy (and sick!).

The Money Saving Expert offers an abundance of information on various financial topics. From budgeting and saving, what benefits you might be entitled to and how to cut back, to advice on car seats and where you can obtain various money off’s and freebies. Trust me, this is THE place to go if you’re looking for financial help and solutions.

Hopefully, if your a new mum or mum to be, these ‘Top 8 Online Resources For New Mums’ can provide all the information you need.

Have you used any of these sites as a new mum?

Do you have any other websites not mentioned, that you head to regularly for help and advice? I’d love to know.


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  1. This is really timely as I am about to be a new mum again in lockdown, which is something you just can’t prepare for with classes cancelled & drop ins closed – great resources! #MMBC

    1. One Clueless Mum says:

      Thank you. I must admit, i’ve been watching your blog & socials waiting to see if the moment has arrived 😄

  2. Karen Dennis says:

    Great tips for helping with the lockdown #,anythinggoes@_karendennis

    1. One Clueless Mum says:

      Thank you Karen.

    2. Karen Dennis says:

      Popping back #stayclassymama

  3. When I was pregnant with my now teen I remember using I think the Bounty website and some other message forums. I would have been lost without them. x

  4. I was on Kidspot a lot when I had my third, more for the sense of community. That was a long time ago tho.

    1. One Clueless Mum says:

      That’s what I love about some of these sites, the sense of community. It helps you feel less alone in some of the harder times. Thank you for stopping by 😊

  5. Some great sites. Wish I had had some of these, they weren’t really around. I am a big fan of Money Saving Expert even now #stayclassymama

  6. My mum discovered Mumsnet when I was pregnant with my eldest and is now addicted! I tend to use blogs these days for advice and tips (like this!) and the NHS website is my guru for all health worries. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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