Exercise After Pregnancy + BEE FIT Book Giveaway!

I have special treat on the blog today, a guest post and a giveaway! What more could you want?

My special guest is Gemma Nice, a Yoga Coach and author of BEE FIT Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness.

Gemma has joined me to talk about exercise after pregnancy and how exercise doesn’t have to stop when you have children.

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Exercise After Pregnancy

Gemma Nice – Yoga Coach and author of BEE FIT Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness

Hello ladies, My name is Gemma and I am a Yoga Coach and author of BEE FIT Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness. As a busy mum of two, I know how hard it is to fit exercise in and I thought this book needed to be written to help other mums get back to fitness or get back their little piece of them without being a mum.

This book is for mums who are time poor (we all know about that as being a mum myself there is no way I could get to the gym) and who want and need to fit in a little exercise around the home or park. It’s for post-partum mums from 12 weeks or whenever the doctor has given you all the clear.

Making exercise part of my new routine

There’s no reason why you can’t fit some form of exercise into your routine as a new mum. You would be surprised at how many opportunities there are to do exercise, even if it only a little at a time.

For example: When I was weaning both my children, while they sat in their highchair, I’d end up feeding them while doing squats in between each mouthful. Another great one was doing a plank while they were in the bath or using the bath as an upward row press up.

Any kind of movement is good even if you’ve only got 5 minutes per day. We as mums don’t have an hour to go to the gym, so any kind of movement is releasing serotonin (calming hormone) and decreasing the cortisol (stress hormone) making you feel so much better. You can pick up this book, do a couple of exercises, and put it down knowing you will feel good even after just 5 minutes.

Image source – Gemma Nice BEE FIT Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness

Exercising with your children

My kids are so used to seeing me exercise around the house. It makes exercise fun and sometimes amusing for them. Not only this but exercising regularly around your children and even incorporating them into your workouts, they will grow up thinking it’s normal and are much more likely to be active themselves through life.

How exercise can help with tiredness  

Often, new mums are feeling extremely tired due to a lack of sleep. But did you know that doing just a few simple breathing exercises can really help alleviate tiredness? In everyday breathing, we tend to not breathe correctly. We shallow breathe a lot which doesn’t allow sufficient oxygen and nutrients to get to our brain. It is also allowing the cortisol levels (stress hormone) to increase because oxygen levels are lower. Doing regular breathing exercises will really help open the airways and allow plenty of oxygen to flow in and around our bodies.

Why not give it a go now…

Stand up straight with your shoulders down your back and not forward, reach through the crown of your head, close your eyes and really visualise the air flowing in through your nose, going down through the back of your throat and into your lungs. Allow your tummy to expand using your diaphragm and rib muscles. Now visualise that fresh oxygen flowing around your body, nourishing your organs and the brain, and then exhaling the excess nutrients out of your body. Do this 3 times, repeating the process.

Notice how much better you feel. Do this whenever you start to feel stressed, anxious, annoyed, or not right. The best form of Wellness and self-care is to breathe. That’s what our lungs are for, used correctly, they are our body’s natural healer.

The more you visualise, the more oxygen you will be getting into your body. This in turn will then lower your blood pressure, lower the cortisol levels, and make you feel so much better. It’s like a little love note to your body, just by breathing correctly.

Importance of eating correctly

Feeding our bodies with the correct nutrition means we can then fuel our bodies in the best way to feed the little ones. This also gives us energy for our full day.

If we are fuelling on sugar our bodies will be dipping in and out of a sugar high and sugar low. By that I mean, if you eat a cake around an hour later you will experience a sugar low which will make you feel sluggish and tired. By eating the correct foods, you will be able to fuel your body with the good nutrients you need to give you plenty of energy throughout the day.

About the book

Whether you have always been active and want ideas on how you can squeeze exercise into your new routine, or if you’re a new mum just looking to get back in shape after having a baby, this book is for you.

Not only does this book include a four-week yoga exercise training programme, the book also incorporates different levels of each specific exercise or yoga pose. So, if you fancy just a gentle stretch, go ahead and if you fancy a stronger stretch do the advanced part.

Each exercise and yoga pose in the book has tips and advice for wherever you are in your exercise journey. Each one also states whether that particular yoga pose or exercise is babywearing, in a buggy, or a blanket next to you. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just yourself and your baby.

I’m also aware that every mum needs a bit of ‘me time’ so I have also included a relaxation and meditation section to help you feel like you.

Exercise after pregnancy - Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness giveaway
BEE FIT Baby Enhanced Exercise Fitness

You can find more information about Gemma and her book on her website EasYoga.co.uk
You will also find her on:
Twitter @EasyogaGemma, Instagram.com/yogigemma/ & pinterest.co.uk/YogiGemma

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