Jaques of London Construction Bench Toy Review

AD, gifted| We were very kindly gifted a wooden toy Construction Bench from Jaques of London to try out and review.

But before we get into it, I wanted to give you a bit of background on Jaques of London as a company.

Who are Jacques of London?

Jaques of London have been making toys and games since 1795. That’s a huge 225 years of knowledge and experience. It’s a company that has been passed down from generation to generation through the same family allowing it to maintain its core values, which are, joy & play. Whether it’s educational toys or traditional games, it’s all about family time.

What really caught my attention was the fact that Jaques of London toys & games are designed and approved by teachers. For me, this is a huge attraction. If anyone knows what toys & games are best for our children it’s the people who educate them.

Our Jaques of London Construction Bench Review

*Disclaimer: The product featured in this review
was given as a gift in exchange for this review.

Why we chose the Construction bench.

The toy we chose to review is a wooden construction bench. Although, Jaques of London have a huge range of wooden toys to choose from.

The reason we chose this one, in particular, is because our 3-year-old little girl is going through a phase of wanting to help daddy with all of the DIY around the house. She has her own set of plastic tools but when I saw the wooden construction bench, I knew she would love it.

And I wasn’t wrong.

How our Jaques of London Construction Bench was packaged

I feel as though the images below explains it all really. As you can see, it arrived beautifully boxed, tied in a bow, and shrink-wrapped for extra protection.

To my surprise, at the back of the box are beautiful illustrations of owners from previous generations with the wording “From our Family to Yours”, which I thought was a lovely touch and a reminder that this really is a family business.

Construction Bench Specification

The wooden construction bench is a great Montessori toy designed for ages 3 years plus. It’s made from 100% FSC approved wood and features safe water-based paint.

The Construction Bench toy has many educational benefits, developing fine motor skills, learning and recognising primary colors and various shapes and encourages curiosity when it comes to different job roles or DIY around the house.

My first impression of the Construction Bench

When the Construction Bench first arrived, I was so impressed with the stunning packaging, from the beautiful design on the box to the black ribbon tied into a bow. When I opened the box, I was even more impressed with the little card that had the handwritten name of the person who packaged this particular toy.

They say first impressions are key in any business and I must say, these guys have nailed it.

Once you get past the beautiful packaging you get to the toy itself and a sheet with instructions on. The instructions themselves are pictures instead of written words, which is perfect for kids to follow.

As soon as I started to lift the bench out of the box, I could feel and see the quality of the wood it’s made from straightaway.

I found the individual wooden pieces to be lightweight, perfectly smooth with no sharp edges, and also large enough for little hands. After giving it a good inspection I was more than happy to hand it over to little legs.

One thing I did notice which only added to the benefits is that none of the screw pieces cross-threaded, or they haven’t done so far and it’s fair to say it’s been well used in the short time we’ve had it. I don’t know if this is something other mums out there can relate to but I find plastic screw toys tend to cross-thread, which results in the kids either getting frustrated and throwing it or coming to you in tears because they can’t make it work. So non-cross-threading is a big plus for me.

Another big plus is that the bench is a toy that can be assembled and disassembled many times but it also acts as storage for its own tools. So while your child is not playing with it, it can be left assembled with the tools kept tidy in their own little slots.

Jaques of London Construction bench review

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My Child’s first impression

As soon as I handed the bench over to my little one, her face lit up and she got to work with it straight away. She really enjoyed disassembling it, using both her fingers and the tools it comes with. Removing each screw and figuring out that she needed to hold one part in order to unscrew some of the screws, I could see her little brain working overtime.

Reassembling the bench was a little more difficult for her but I think with a bit of practice she will get better at it. She is also only 3 so maybe it’s more of an age thing. This makes me think the bench is targeted at the right age group – 3 years and over. It needs to be difficult to some degree in order for her to learn from it, but it’s also not too difficult for her to not want to play with it.

We spent a sunny afternoon in the garden having plenty of fun. Little legs also used some of the tools on her other toys, pretending they needed fixing which was lovely to see.

When daddy came home from work she couldn’t wait to show him her new tools and quickly informed him she can help fix things with her own tools.

Final thoughts

Overall I loved the packaging, the quality of the materials the construction bench is made from, the look and feel and the fact it’s an educational toy which focuses on many of those key skills my little one is developing at her age. More importantly, little legs loves playing with it and it gets her involved in helping (or pretending to help) with DIY around the house.

Jaques of London are definitely a company I would recommend and buy from regularly. Their values haven’t changed in the 225 years they have been in the business which is clear in the type and quality of the toys they make. What’s even better is that after having a good browse of their other products, they’re prices are very affordable. There are a few pieces I have my eye on, not just for my little one but also to buy as birthday and christmas presents for other people’s kids too.

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If you do take advantage of the discount, or if you’ve bought Jaques of London toys & games before, I would love to know what you think in the comments below.

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