20 Things To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives

Welcome to the second post in the How To Prepare For A Second Baby ~ blog series. Today I want to share 20 Things To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives. If you missed the latest post in the series you can find it here – 7 Tips To Prepare Your First Child For A Sibling

Are you expecting your second child? This handy list may help you to be a little more organised and take some of the stress out of preparing for when your new little bundle decides to make his/her appearance.

I remember writing a similar list before I had my first baby which really helped to take a lot of the stress out of the situation. I’m sure I would have felt a lot more overwhelmed had I not had that list.

So it only makes sense to do the same with my second. Except the list is looking quite different from the first. It’s surprising how much a to-do list changes when you go from one child to two.

20 Things To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives

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20 Things To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives

1) Get all your baby bits out of storage.

If you’re on your second child, it’s likely you have a lot of baby stuff collecting dust somewhere in storage. Clothes, pushchair, Crib/Moses basket, bottles etc. Now is the time to get them all out, decide what can be kept and reused and what need to be binned.

2) Check all your bulky baby items (pushchair, bouncer, crib/cot) for signs of damage.

It’s possible it’s a while since you last laid eyes on the pushchair, bouncer & crib you used for your firstborn. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to check out all your big expensive items for wear and/or damage. You don’t want to leave this until the last minute. Those big items are usually needed as soon as baby is born, the last thing you want to have to do is rush around trying to buy a new crib.

3) Check the expiry date of your car seat.

Yes, car seats have expiry dates. Who knew?! Safety laws change so it’s important you not only check the expiry date but also check it still complies with the current safety standards.

My go-to car seat is the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Group 0+ – I love this one because it fits and goes very well with my travel system.

4) Clean all the bulky baby items you’ll be reusing.

Let’s be honest, if it’s been kept in storage for a couple of years, it’s very likely they’ll be smelling a little misty and possibly be quite dusty. Check each items cleaning instructions and get scrubbing.

5) Wash and stain remove all your reusable baby clothes.

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t reuse some of your old baby clothes. Even if they are opposite genders, I’m sure you’ll still find plenty of neutral in the sea of blue or pink. Check everything for stains and add a little stain remover to the items that need it and then get them all in the wash.

To remove stains and make whites whiter, my go to is –

6) Replace anything that needs replacing – bottle teats, dummies, mattresses.

It’s nice to not have to buy everything new but there are a few items that really shouldn’t be reused.

7) Arrange a babysitter for your first child.

The last thing you need to think about when labour gets going is who is going to look after your oldest child. It’s best to make sure you have someone ready to take your little one when they get ‘that’ phone call.

8) Pack your first child a bag with enough supplies for at least two nights.

As you don’t know how long you may be in hospital, you may want to pack your child’s bag with enough supplies for at least two nights.

9) Spend some quality time with your first child while you can.

It’s fair to say things may get pretty busy and tiring for a little while. Why not enjoy some quality time with your firstborn now, while the time is easy to come by.

10) Try to spend some quality time with hubby before life gets a little more hectic.

Lets not forget about your partner, you may want to squeeze in a bit of couple time with them too.

11) Start preparing your first child for a new sibling.

If this child is not your first, it’s important to prepare your first child for their sibling’s arrival so they don’t in any way feel pushed aside or left out. See 7 Tips To Prepare Your First Child For A Sibling for more tips and advice.

12) Pack your hospital bag for baby.

Try not to overthink packing for baby. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused about what you should pack. Just remember, if your giving birth in a hospital or birth centre, they usually have spares of all the essentials. So if you do forget something, they will help you out.

13) Pack your hospital bag for yourself.

If you need help with knowing what to pack, check out my Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for all the essentials.

14) Pack a small hospital bag for hubby/birthing partner and plenty of snacks.

Your birthing partner doesn’t need a lot so what not kill two birds with one stone and add the snacks to their bag.

15) Make sure your birth plan is written out (if your having one) and readily available.

If you have a birth plan, make sure it’s clearly written, your midwife is aware of your requests and it’s easily accessible in your hospital bag.

16) Make sure your route to the hospital/birth centre is planned out. Things maybe have changed since you had your first child.

If you’re not family with the hospital you’re using, make sure your route is planned out. Take into account busier times of the day. Are you able to take a different route if traffic is bad?

17) Have a baby shower – If that’s your thing.
Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

Baby showers are extremely popular in the US but they are also becoming increasingly popular in the UK now too. If it’s your thing, a baby shower is a good excuse for the last celebration before you have a newborn to contend with. They are also great for stocking up on baby items. Although gifts shouldn’t be expected, they kind of go hand in hand with a baby shower.

18) Stock up on the household essentials.

Those first few days with a newborn tend to be a whirlwind time. Make sure you well-stocked on things like food and toilet roll before your due date.

19) Stock up on meals to put in the freezer.

If you want to be super organised, cook some big batches of hearty food, stews, casseroles, curry’s, etc and put them in the freezer. When baby arrives, meal times will be really easy for the first few weeks, just take what you need out of the freezer the night before or the morning of the day you want to have them.

20) Arrange for a close friend or family member to stock up on the perishable essentials before you come home from the hospital – Milk, Bread, etc.

Take full advantage of friends and family. Designate one or two to do any running around for you while you’re in the hospital. Shopping for milk, bread, etc. Or, they could do some tidying around the house, running the hoover around and cleaning those dishes you left in the sink on your mad dash out the door.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading 20 Things To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives. Keep your eyes peeled for the next post in the series What To Reuse With Your Second Baby

As always please share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to know if there is anything you plan to do before your second baby arrives.

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  1. loverosiee

    Such an interesting post, I don’t yet have one baby so this is a world away from me. However, one of my friends has just found out that they’re having a second so I’ll be sharing this with them!


  2. Kathy Lee

    Great tips! We did many of these things when we had our daughter. We also enjoyed making meals for families in our community who had new babies. It’s a special feeling to be able to support new parents.

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