How To Prepare For A Second Baby | Blog Series

Welcome to the How To Prepare For a Second Baby | Blog Series. I’m currently pregnant with my second child, so there’s been a lot of preparation going on at moment. Especially as I only have 5 weeks left… Eeek!

As I’m now doing this for the second time, I decided to write a blog series to discuss many different aspects of preparing for baby no2.

If you’re also expecting baby no.2 and wondering what baby items you can or can’t reuse, what you should absolutely do before your 2nd baby arrives, how to prepare your first child for a sibling, and what must-haves you need in your hospital bag, then stick around. This series gives you all that and more.

How To Prepare For a Second Baby | Blog Series

Take a look through the following list of posts within this series. Feel free to skip to the one that is more relevant to you. If you’re not able to click some of the links below, that’s because those posts haven’t gone live yet. They will be added as the series develops throughout the week, so make sure to check back.

The first post in the series is available from 7 am tomorrow. The remaining posts will be published from each day following with the final post being available on Saturday.

In this series

  • 7 Tips To Prepare Your First Child For A Sibling

    In my experience kids are not usually the biggest fans of change. Whether it’s a new house, starting school, or in our case, a new baby. The last thing you want is for them to feel in any way pushed aside or left out. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you prepare them as best as you can for their sibling’s arrival…

  • 20 Things To Do Before Your Second Baby Arrives

    Are you expecting your second child? This handy list may help you to be a little more organised and take some of the stress out of preparing for when your new little bundle decides to make his/her appearance…

  • Items To Reuse With Your Second Baby

    In my opinion, there are two big reasons why you should reuse your old baby gear if you can, and they are:
    1) Potentially saving a huge amount of cash. 2) To be more environmentally friendly.

  • What Items You Shouldn’t Reuse With Your Second Baby

    As with items you can reuse, there are also items you really shouldn’t reuse with your second child. Thankfully this list is a lot shorter.

  • Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist + FREE printable PDF Checklist to print at home

    If you’re packing your hospital bag for the first time, then this list will hopefully be a huge help. If it’s your second or third time, it’s nice to refresh your memory on the essential items you’ll really wish you hadn’t forgotten.

  • Newborn Essentials Checklist

    In this final post, I will be covering the Newborn Essentials Checklist and yes, there is also a FREE Newborn Essentials Checklist printable PDF for this one too.

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