Items You Shouldn’t Reuse With Your Second Baby

This post is part of the How To Prepare For A Second Baby blog series. Yesterday we covered Items To Reuse With Your Second Baby. Today, I want to share with you items you shouldn’t reuse with your second baby.

Things You Shouldn't Reuse With Your Second Baby

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Items You Shouldn’t Reuse With Your Second Baby

As with items you can reuse, there are also items you really shouldn’t reuse with your second child. Thankfully this list is a lot shorter.


It’s strongly recommended that you don’t reuse your Moses basket, crib, or cot mattress. And that’s whether it’s been used by your own child or someone else’s. Reusing a previously used mattress can increase the risk of SIDS.

Items you shouldn't reuse with your second baby

That being said, I know a few people who have reused the mattress from the their first child for their second.

If you have to reuse the mattress, it’s best to thoroughly check it and make sure it’s still in a good condition and hasn’t been used by someone else outside your home.


As much as there’s no hard evidence to suggest dummies can’t be reused, it’s one that you probably shouldn’t reuse. Even if your dummies look like they’re in a good condition, they may still be cracked or damaged so it’s much better to replace them with new ones.

Bottle Teats

As we mentioned above, bottles are perfectly fine to reuse after a good clean. The teats on the other hand should definitely be replaced.

As I use Tommee Tippee bottles, my go-to for new Teats are these Closer to Nature Tommee Tippee Teats which come with various flow options –

Basically, anything that has been in another child’s mouth should be replaced.


Although I’m sure many people still reuse their baby’s shoes, there is some suggestion that once worn by one child, shoes shouldn’t be reused for another child. The theory is that the shoes will have molded to one child’s feet making them unusable for another child.

That pretty much covers most baby items that can and can’t be reused with a 2nd child.

But what about when baby gets a little older?

As the baby gets a little older there are many other, larger items that all should be thoroughly checked for too much wear or damage.

  • Bouncer
  • Baby swing
  • Walker
  • Items used to eat – plates, bowls, spoons, sippy cups, etc.
  • Stair Gate
  • High Chair

All of which can be reused as long as there is no damage and can be properly cleaned.

What if your 2nd child is the opposite gender to your first?

Image Source – Pixabay

If like me, your first baby is a girl and now you’re having a boy or vise versa. Then no doubt much of your baby stuff is going to be pretty girlie, especially the clothing.

It doesn’t mean you have to go out and replace everything.

As I mentioned above, although much of my baby bedding is pretty girlie, I’ve kept some of it to use when I’m desperate. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of nights when the baby throws up all over his crib and I’ve fallen behind on the washing. I will be glad I kept those pink sheets.

Even if you don’t have many neutral items from your first, who’s to say you can’t use your pink sheets for a boy and your blue sheets for a girl? Is anyone going to see them? Unlikely! Is your baby going to care? Not one little bit.

I’ve taken the same attitude with clothing too. I kept everything that can be classed as neutral and even a few extra pink bits that can be used in desperate times if needed.

As for the bigger items like a walker & bouncer, mine are pretty neutral anyway. But in all honesty, I would still reuse them regardless.

How To Prepare For A Second Baby

Final thoughts…

It’s pretty clear, there are a lot of items used by your first child that can and should be used for your second or even your third. Not only is it a little kinder to the environment, but you also save a tonne of cash. As long as they’ve been stored well, most items should be in a good condition and just require cleaning or sterilising.

Preparing for a baby can be stressful enough, at least with your second you can take a bit of the stress out of it all by reusing a lot of the stuff you already have.

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