5 Tips To Prepare Your Life for a New Arrival

For many new parents, the birth of their child is one of the most exciting moments in their life. However, it can also be a very overwhelming time. There are so many preparations to make for your newborn that you may not know where to start. This blog post will discuss 5 tips to prepare your life for a new arrival!

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They say the toughest job in the world is being a parent and they’re not wrong. It can be really hard work and comes with little reward or thanks. If there are other children in the house, it’s often a balancing act to ensure they all get equal amounts of attention (for tips on preparing your kids for a new sibling, take a look at this post – 7 Tips To Prepare Your First Child For A Sibling). So, it’s important you don’t forget about yourself. Make sure you take care of you to avoid becoming overwhelmed with taking care of everyone else.

Be kind to yourself. Whether that’s giving yourself a bit of ‘me time’ once a week, fortnight or month, whatever works for you, especially before the new arrival. Or, using daily affirmations to remind yourself of the great job you’re doing as a parent/pregnant mum-to-be. Here are some great examples of positive affirmations you could use –

For pregnancy:

  • Everything i need to take of this baby is already inside me.
  • I can and will endure all that comes my way.
  • I trust my body to do what it needs to to bring my baby into the world safely.
  • I let go of the worry, tension, and the fear of birth. I am focused on the joy of meeting my child.

For parenthood:

  • I will do what I can. No one expects me to do it all.
  • I recognise my child is an individual.
  • I will not impose my own irrational fears or emotions on to my children.
  • This too shall pass.
  • I’m the best parent for my child.

In addition, be sure to talk to your partner about how you are both feeling. Be a team and come up with a game plan for the days and weeks after the baby is born.

5 Tips To Prepare For Your New Arrival
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There are many things you can do physically to prepare for labour and delivery. However, one often overlooked thing is sleep. At the beginning of pregnancy, extreme tiredness is one of the most common symptoms, to the point where keeping you’re eyes open is almost impossible. Whereas at the end of you’re pregnancy, sleep tends to be a lot more difficult to come by. Whether it’s aches and pains, feeling generally uncomfortable as your baby grows bigger or you’re worried about labour, birth & life after the baby is born. Getting enough sleep in the weeks leading up to labour is extremely important. For one, you don’t want to be exhausted when your little one arrives. But more importantly, a lack of sleep in late pregnancy has been linked to longer labours & even pre-eclampsia.

It’s also extremely important to make sure you are eating healthy and exercising. This will help your body cope better with labour and delivery. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the exercise though, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. Just staying active will make a big difference. Also, things like cutting out caffeine and drinking plenty of water will have extreme health benefits to you and your baby.


Children are expensive, so getting your finances in order before your baby arrives will take away a lot of unnecessary stress.

Here are a couple of tips on how to do this –

  • Start saving even before you get pregnant. Estimate how much money you will need each month for expenses such as formula, nappies, child minders/nursery fees etc, and start putting away that amount of money each month if you can.
  • Sort out your maternity/paternity entitlement. As long as you’ve been working for your company for more than 26 weeks, you will be entitled to maternity pay.
  • Try to budget you’re monthly expenditure to just one salary. Statutory maternity pay will give you 90% of your salary for 6 weeks but once those six weeks pass the drop in pay can be quite a shock. So if you’re already living to just one salary, you will be well prepared for this.
  • Have a clear out. Not only is this a good excuse to getting rid of your junk to make room for your baby’s stuff but it is also a great opportunity to make a bit of extra cash. Car boot sales and selling sites are a great way to sell your stuff.


Getting organised and decluttering your home is good for the mind. It’s also a great way to prepare for your new arrival. Being clutter-free and organised makes those early days of parenthood a little easier, with less time being spent cleaning and sorting once your baby is here.

A great way to get ready for your new arrival is to organise the nursery. You can purchase some excellent baby nursery furniture, like storage dressers and baby changing units, which can help keep your baby’s room organized. Start preparing by sorting through your baby clothes, blankets, and newborn items. Your baby will only need the essentials in the beginning, so there’s no point in having everything packed into drawers when all you need right now is the newborn goodies. It’s a good idea to store the six months+ clothing and feeding items separately so they don’t get in the way and take up unnecessary space.

Another great way to get organised is to start packing you’re hospital bag. Rather than packing one big bag for more than 48 hrs, keep a separate bag packed which you’re partner can pop home to collect if you need more than 2 days in the hospital.

5 Tips To Prepare For Your New Arrival
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When thinking about preparing for a new arrival, we often focus on the physical aspects and forget about the emotional side. But having a baby is one of the most life-changing events you will experience and it’s important to make sure you are emotionally ready for that. When having my first child i wasn’t quite prepared for the emotions i experienced once my little bundle arrived. Baby blues and tiredness can make you feel a whole host of emotions.

And if this isn’t your first baby and you have other children at home, there are other emotions you may feel that can come by surprise. An example of this is mum guilt for not being able to give your other children the same amount of attention in those early newborn days.

A great way to get through this time is to remind yourself every single day that this will not last forever!

Some other great affirmations for those early days are –

  • I trust my own parenting instincts
  • Motherhood is a part of me, not all of me
  • I won’t be sleep deprived forever
  • Feeling ‘mum guilt’ is a natural part of motherhood
  • Asking for help does not mean I am failing

Sometimes it’s hard and emotionally draining but remember your baby will only be a newborn once. Take lots of pictures and try to cherish every moment! This period of parenthood is such a short time, before you know it you will be looking back and wishing you could do it all over again so you could enjoy it more.

In conclusion

There are many things you can do to prepare for your new arrival and make things a little easier for yourself. By following these simple tips, you will be well on your way to having a smoother transition into parenthood!

Being a parent is the hardest job we will ever do. But it’s also the single most rewarding job we will ever do, especially if we remember to find the positive and the joy even in the darker moments.

5 Tips To Prepare Your Life for a New Arrival

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  1. Jaya Avendel

    Love this wonderfully helpful post that covers five areas we can work to prepare ourselves in before the arrival of a baby! No one area mentioned here is more important than the other, in my opinion, so it is a good idea to work on them as a group set and find the balance one needs. 🙂

    • One Clueless Mum

      Thank you Jaya. I couldn’t agree more, all areas should be worked on together. Having all our ducks in a row before baby arrives definitely makes the transition into parenthood much less overwhelming.

  2. wombatjambalayaoberon31620

    This is a wonderful post. Loved reading it. Even thou, I am not pregnant. these are 5 great tips to start thinking about. Thank you for sharing.

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