Tips to Make Your Home Safe for Children (of All Ages)

I know all too well how everything changes when you have children, one of the biggest changes being to the home. While there are many updates you should make to baby-proof your home when you are expecting, there are more you should consider making as they get older. As babies, it is important to safeguard your house from their curiosity, but as they mature, their interests will change, and so will the items that they can get their hands on.

Unfortunately, any child of any age is at risk of an accident at home. Therefore, it’s important to make the necessary changes to ensure your home is safe for your children to reduce these odds.

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Here are some top tips to help you get started.

#1 Regularly check your smoke alarms

Thinking it will never happen to you is one mistake you don’t want to make. Unfortunately, fires are a risk to every household. Having a working fire alarm can significantly improve your chances of not being harmed if there were a fire. Make sure you also inform your children of its importance, and what to do if there is a fire. Having a household fire plan and escape plan, just like you do when you visit an office, is a great idea.

#2 Keep all household items that pose a risk, out of reach

There are many household items that you probably use most days that are not dangerous to you, but if they get into a child’s hands, they can be. Items such as hair straighteners, irons, hot pans, knives, button batteries, medicines, cleaning products, lighters, matches, blind cords, and many more.

Keep an open mind, and regularly check your house and your belongings for anything that might pose a risk. If you find items, then you can simply move them out of reach to keep your children safe. This could be with a locked drawer or cupboard, or housing them on a higher shelf. It is also important to educate your children on these items, so if they do come into contact with them, either in your house or with friends, they know that they need to be extra careful around them. 

#3 Secure items to the floor or wall

Children of all ages like to run around, mess around and get hyper, which can cause problems if you have a lot of free-standing items in your home. This can be anything from television sets, chests of drawers, wardrobes, storage units, small cots, cupboards, tables and chairs, expensive ornaments, etc. Children like to mess around, and sometimes even use these items as their very own playground and climbing equipment.

Unfortunately, there are many accidents every year because of unsecured items. So, it’s important to make it secure for your children, regardless of their age. You can buy specialist safety fixtures from a local hardware store, or high-quality glue guns from Glue Guns Direct which will help you secure large items, as well as some of the smaller hazards around your home. 

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#4 Secure doors, windows and stairs

Falls down stairs unfortunately account for many of the accidents that occur in young children. Unsecured doors and windows can also provide a means for your children to get outside unsupervised or worse, injured. Investing in child safety locks for your doors and windows, and perhaps a gate for your stairs, can improve the safety levels around your home dramatically, and reduce the risks of any injuries.

Keeping in mind your child’s level of understanding, it is important to talk to your children about the window, door and stair safety, including why it is important to be careful around them, as well as what could happen if they do not follow the rules. 

In conclusion

Childproofing your home is important to keep your children safe, regardless of their age. As well as physically taking steps to secure your home, it is also vital that you have conversations with your children, so they can understand the importance of taking care around the house. This is so they have the opportunity to understand and to learn, as well as take the same precautions around other environments, such as school and even playdates.

Small steps, and small conversations, can make all the difference. It can also help to speak to other parents, so you can share and swap ideas, as there may be measures others have thought of that could come in handy in your home. Just remember, accidents happen! You cannot prevent everything, but you can certainly take precautions where necessary. 

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