5 Easy Steps To Making Your Bedroom A Relaxing Haven

When you’re a parent, your whole house can become geared towards children. With toys taking up residence in your living spaces, bottles and baby food littering your kitchen countertops. Even the bathroom doesn’t escape the kids with child toilet seats and steps to trip over.

Whether you’re preparing for your first baby or you already have a number of children, it’s likely most of the rooms in your home is filled with child-related items.

Being a busy parent, it’s easy to forget about you. It’s important to have somewhere just for you to escape retreat to, so you can relax and unwind after a hectic day. Your bedroom is the perfect space for this.

In just a few simple steps, you can turn your bedroom into that relaxing haven. Here’s how to do it.

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5 Easy Steps To Making Your Bedroom A Relaxing Haven
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Tidy Up & De-clutter

The first step in turning your bedroom into a relaxing haven is to make sure your it’s clean and tidy. Not only is a clean and tidy bedroom aesthetically and hygienically better but it’s been shown to reduce stress levels. It will also help you appreciate the best things about your bedroom and see its true potential. 

Start with decluttering. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself ‘have I used this in the last 6 to 12 months?’ if the answer is no then the question is do you really need it? This goes for things like clothing, shoes, accessories, books and anything else you have lying around that you don’t need.

Nobody wants to spend time in a messy bedroom, so if you can keep your bedroom clean and tidy, you will feel more in control of your own space. With less mess to overwhelm your sense, your bedroom could become a true haven for you to relax in.

Freshen Up The Walls

You may choose to repaint your whole bedroom in a different colour scheme or just touch up your existing wall colour. Either way, a freshen up of the walls can make a big difference to the feel of your bedroom. If you are changing the colour scheme, be sure to choose relaxing, soft colours. A good option would be green or blues which have both been proven to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to go for accessories that compliment that colour. If you decide not to change the colour scheme or paint at all, a good way to remove any scuffs or marks is by using a Magic Eraser.

Invest Is Some New Bed Linen

There’s no better feeling than jumping into bed with fresh, good quality bed linen. Changing your bedding regularly is not only more hygienic but will also make your bedroom smell fresher and feel more comfortable and relaxing.

Choose the best quality bed linen that you can afford, such as options from Richard Haworth who have hotel quality bedding at affordable prices. The benefits of fresh sheets also apply to having a good quality duvet & pillows.

Prep Your Bedside Table

Having everything you may need during the night in easy reach on your bedside table will stop you from having to get out of bed during the night which would make it more difficult for you to fall back asleep. This may be things like a phone charger, a lip balm, tissues, a glass of water, a book, and an eye mask.

Having a bedside table with drawers so most of these items can be kept out of sight and thus prevent the space from looking cluttered is best. Remember the goal is for a relaxing haven, having clutter only makes us feel stressed. If you don’t have bedside tables with storage, why not keep a cute storage box or wicker basket on top of your bedside table or next to your bed to keep all your bits and bobs in one tidy place.

5 Easy Steps To Making Your Bedroom A Relaxing Haven
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Keep Technology Out Of The Bedroom

A recent study suggests the average smartphone user receives around 63 notifications per day, most of which come from social media and emails, and that’s not including text messages. So, it’s no wonder our constant access to social media and the barrage of notifications we get daily can have a huge impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

In order to keep your bedroom a truly relaxing haven, the last you should be doing is taking the stress from your technology in there with you. Leaving your phone out of the bedroom will not only reduce your stress levels but will also help you have a better night sleep.

In conclusion

Whether you change your bedroom decor, buy some new bedding sets or just simply have a no technology policy at the door, the idea is to create a calm atmosphere, free from stress and distraction. Somewhere you can truly relax, unwind and put the stresses of the day behind you.

Hopefully, these 5 easy steps can help you do just that.


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  1. S.S. Mitchell

    Some great tips here! I totally agree on the blues and greens colours- I love turquoise! Having the right items on your bedside table can really come in handy, especially for me as a writer.

    • One Clueless Mum

      I’m so glad you liked it. I’m loving Sage green at the moment, I find it such a relaxing colour.
      Thank you for commenting.

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