Google Searches of a Clueless Mum

Google searches of a Clueless Mum – If motherhood came with a manual, things would be so much easier. The problem is, nothing about motherhood is predictable. You just have to ‘go with it’ and rely on your instincts. But what if your “instinct” is broken. What if when people say, “oh don’t worry, you’ll […]

A Promise to my Teenager

  A Promise to my Teenager. I talk about my kids all the time on my blog. What books they like, the activities we’ve done and places we’ve been, when they might have been a pain in the arse. What i don’t really talk about is that my teen is not actually “mine” in the […]

Our Top 10 Favourite Kids Books

Welcome to Our Top 10 Favourite Kids Books which includes – a purple Rhino, a ginger-haired Witch, a very greedy Rat, a monster with turned out toes and an incredibly out of season Christmas book. We love reading in our house. Well, I say “we”, I actually mean “I”, I love reading and basically force […]

3 Things You Can do to Help with PMS Symptoms

I have no affiliations with any of the links mentioned in this post. To follow on from my last post about PMS – 3 Reasons You Want to Leave Your Partner during PMS, here are 3 things you can do to help with PMS symptoms. There are many mysteries to life and PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) […]

3 Reasons You Want To Leave Your Partner During PMS

If you’re anything like me PMS is a loud reality on the run-up to “that time of the month”. The term and the meaning of PMS are thrown around liberally as an excuse for being a bit of a bitch or just generally being in a bad mood. But, true PMS is NOT just a […]

A Little Catch Up

  I’m in no way affiliated with any of the links included in this post.  This week’s Little Catch Up includes – Baking, Swimming, Pirate Ship and a tree swing. Oh and a crab or two. (Can you spot the crab?) This week has been a little busier than the last – considering we had […]

Don’t Judge my Waif & Strays

  Don’t judge my waif & strays – Over the years we seem to have accumulated many, what I call, waif and strays (I mean this in the nicest possible way). These people have come into our lives in many different ways; Some Mr O already knew when I met him and over the years […]

New and Improved Blog

  Welcome to my new and improved blog.  I decided to change to a different blogging platform and bloody hell i’m glad i did. WordPress is now home to my blog and i must say, now i (think) i finally have my head around it, its is sooooo much better. I didn’t realise just how […]

8 Things I Never Thought I would Love about Motherhood

8 Things I never thought i would Love about Motherhood – Before I became a mum, I didn’t have a single maternal bone in my body. The thought of a little sh*tting, screaming, vomiting monster taking over my life scared the sh*t out of me and up to the age of 25, I wanted no […]

A little catch up

Lovely bee we met in the garden. I’m conscious the momentum to blog on a regular basis may wain. Especially now the summer holidays have arrived. So I’m thinking of doing a regular catch up post to keep this blog up to date on any shenanigans that may have occurred. I’m thinking weekly may be […]