8 Tips for Working from Home with a Toddler

Working from home with your toddler is every mother’s dream. It’s a luxury not many parents get. I’m fortunate enough to say I do. Rather than heading out to work after dropping my toddler off with childcare and collecting her at the end of a long day, I get to work from home and keep […]

A Little Catch Up #3

A Little Catch-up #3 Welcome to a Little Catch-up #3. It’s been a while since my last catch-up, click here to check it out. Busy busy It’s been a busy working week this week. My business partner is enjoying a lovely holiday and I’m here, holding down the fort. But that’s ok, he’ll have to […]

Word of the week: Tired

Word of the week: TIRED So, the word of the week for me is tired. It’s Saturday morning and I’m writing this post from my bed. Mr O did the wonderful thing of getting up with our toddler to let me have a sleep in. BUT like most mums will agree, having a sleep in […]

How to Survive your First Baby Swimming Lesson

  How to Survive your First Baby Swimming Lesson – How the hell was I going to survive my first Baby Swimming Lesson when I was struggling to keep my head above water at home? What if baby gets hungry and kicks off, starts screaming uncontrollably? Do I even have the right baby swimming gear? […]

Google Searches of a Clueless Mum

Google searches of a Clueless Mum – If motherhood came with a manual, things would be so much easier. The problem is, nothing about motherhood is predictable. You just have to ‘go with it’ and rely on your instincts. But what if your “instinct” is broken. What if when people say, “oh don’t worry, you’ll […]

8 Things I Never Thought I would Love about Motherhood

8 Things I never thought i would Love about Motherhood – Before I became a mum, I didn’t have a single maternal bone in my body. The thought of a little sh*tting, screaming, vomiting monster taking over my life scared the sh*t out of me and up to the age of 25, I wanted no […]

A little catch up

Lovely bee we met in the garden. I’m conscious the momentum to blog on a regular basis may wain. Especially now the summer holidays have arrived. So I’m thinking of doing a regular catch up post to keep this blog up to date on any shenanigans that may have occurred. I’m thinking weekly may be […]

Mum Guilt

Mum guilt/self-doubt.. the Witch won’t leave me alone. Oh boy! Mum guilt & self-doubt, at times, kicks my ass. It’s been a part of my life for a while now. I’d vaguely heard people speak of this before but never known its impact until I became pregnant. To be honest, I’ve lived with self-doubt most […]

One of ‘those’ days.

Today was a crazy ass day with my little 2 year old monster. I’m being polite by calling her monster, I’ve used much stronger words to describe her today (not to her face, obviously). So, I arranged to meet some friends who have kids around the same age, for a little play date. The day […]