The Linky List I LoveBeing a new blogger, I’m slowly learning tips and tricks to better my blog and increase traffic. A great way to do that is by joining a Linky and in a short space of time, I have found The Linky List i Love.

What is a Linky?

If you don’t know what a Linky is, it’s not as confusing as you might think. A Linky is a community where Bloggers come together to promote their own blogs or posts with other bloggers, who do the same thing.

Everyone comments on each other’s blogs and in turn, you return the favour and comment on other blogs within the Linky. There’s usually a minimum number you’re expected to comment on.

The benefits of a Linky

For me, the benefits have been immeasurable. Being a new Blogger, i don’t appear high on search engine lists and I certainly don’t have a big following so most of the traffic has come from Linking up with Linky’s.

You have access to so many other Blogger’s posts in one place, most of which are far more experienced than me. So it allows me to learn different technique’s from these much better Bloggers/Writers – whether its content, writing style, blog set up or features. Most of these Bloggers are pro’s so I’m learning something new every time I Link up.

The Linky Rules

Naturally all Linky’s have their own set of rules. This generally consists of; using the linky badge on the post you link up & commenting on a certain number of other blogs.

Check the rules before you link up. You may be blocked from the Linky if you don’t comply with the rules. Plus, why should you reap the benefits of the linky but not reciprocate those same benefits?

The Linky List i Love

I’ve only been publishing post’s for a short time but already I have A Linky List I Love using. And, guess what… All of this list came from the info i got from other blogs.

So without further ado, here is the Linky List i Love.


Monday Morning Blog Club






This Linky is Hosted by Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs and starts from Monday at 8 am to Midnight.

All niches are welcome and it’s a great friendly place to get to know other bloggers.

Instead of linking just one post, here, you link your whole blog and others will choose which posts they comment on.

Anything Goes

My Random Musings








The Hosts for this Linky are Debbie @ My Random Musings and Janet @ Aspiring Warrior Mum and starts Monday 12.05am to Friday 7 pm giving you plenty of time to Link up.

Any niche or subject is welcome and you’re able to link up to 3 posts. Yay!!

Again, this linky is extremely friendly and a great place to find some great Bloggers and blogs.

Global Blogging







Your Hosts are Heather @ Shank You Very Much and Laura @ Loopyloulaura. It starts on Monday at 6 am and closes on Tuesday at 10 pm.

You can link up to 2 posts and again, any type of post is welcome.



Twinkly Tuesday

Confessions of a New Mummy

Twinkly Tuesday runs from 6am Tuesday to 23:55 on Wednesday and is hosted by Kate @ Confessions of a New Mummy.

You can link one post and any subject is welcome.


Dream Team 

3 Little Buttons







This linky’s Hosts are Heather @ Shank You Very Much, Kirsty @ Navigating Baby and Annette @ 3 Little Buttons.

You’re able to link 1 post and the Linky runs from Tuesday at 6 am to Thursday at 9 pm.

The Hosts have taken a Linky break during August and will return on 3rd September.



Blogging Club UK








This Linky is Hosted by Becky @ Cuddle Fairy, Debbie @ My Random Musings & Clare @ Mudpie Fridays and runs from 6 am Wednesday to Midnight on Friday.

Once again this linky welcomes blogs from any niche. Blogging Club UK is a community with the #BloggerClubUk being used across social media networks.

These ladies know their stuff when it comes to blogging so check out their blogs for great tips.



Stay Classy Mama

Musings Of A Tired Mummy







This Linky is Hosted by Laura @ Loopyloulaura

It runs from 6 am Thursday and closes Friday at 11 pm. You can add 1 or 2 posts of any topic but with a focus on highs and lows of parenting.



That Friday Linky

Twin Mummy and Daddy








The clue is in the name, this Linky opens on Friday’s and is run by married couple Nigel & Emily @ Twin Mummy and Daddy & DIY Daddy.

Link up with 1 post and any subject is welcome.


Word of the Week

You host is Raisie @ RaisieBay

This is a weekend linky that runs from 6 am Friday to noon on Monday.

The aim is to sum up your week in just  one word of phrase.



Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging Sunday

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday







This Linky is run by Franca @ A Moment With Franca and runs fortnightly. It starts on every second Sunday and closes the second Wednesday after it starts at 8 pm, or until the Linky reaches 100 link-ups.

As this Linky runs over a longer period of time, you will find a larger number of posts here and a bigger community of Bloggers, all in one place.


Add to My Linky List

If you know of a Linky or if you’re a Host and would like to add your Linky to my list, please let me know. I’m always looking for new Linky’s to use.

Happy Linking!




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